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United Truckers Association Organizing Labour Day Car Rally Against BC Container Trucking Commissioner

Posted on August 31st, 2020

Container truckers are being crushed by rampant industry disregard for the law and regulations

Surrey, BC – After years of witnessing the Office of the BC Container Trucking Commissioner (“OBCCTC”) turn a blind eye to Container Trucking Services (“CTS”) licence holders breaking the law and ignoring regulations, the United Truckers Association (“UTA”) is set to stage a rally against the Commissioner on Labour Day.

From the blatant off-dock activity being performed by unlicensed trucks (in breach of the BC Container Trucking Regulation) to the union contracts in breach of minimum pay rates (which are clearly outlined in the Commissioner’s Rate Table) to massive layoffs of Independent Operators (“IOs”) so that work can be transferred to company fleets (against the Commissioners own tag management policy), the local drayage sector is out of control

These are the exact same conditions that led to the 2014 labour disruption, according to UTA spokesperson Gagan Singh.

“In spite of the Commissioner’s office being created to regulate this sector, there is industry-wide disregard for an office that has shown little intention to fulfill its duties,” says Singh. “As a result, there is an unlevel competitive playing field that is being caused by those flaunting the law and rules without any consequences.”

The UTA anticipates that if the current licence application process currently underway continues as is, there could be 200-300 Independent Operators (“IOs”) out of work by November.

The car rally is intended to send a loud message to the Commissioner as well as the Minister that oversees his office, that container truckers are not going to accept this kind of law breaking from companies without a fight.

“The future of IOs and all drivers working for companies playing by the rules is hanging in the balance with this Commissioners’ lack of interest in upholding the law,” explains Singh. “We are not asking for anything special – the UTA just wants a Commissioner that is serious about fulfilling the duties that are clearly outlined in the BC Container Trucking Act and Regulation.”

IOs and company drivers interested in participating in the Labour Day rally outside the Commissioner’s downtown office are encouraged to continue to check the UTA’s facebook page at unitedtruckers.ca where more details will be released in the coming days.

Attendees will be expected to wear masks and remain in their cars to abide by the provincial public health guidelines that have been released during the Covid-19 pandemic.



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