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Music producer Sandeep Rehaan talks about his struggles, bond with Karan Aujla & more

Posted on March 21st, 2021

If Karan Aujla is today a household name in Punjab as well as overseas, Rehaan Records and the man who runs it, Sandeep Rehan, is the one who can be given the credit for it. While the former refrains from talking to the media, Sandeep is more than willing to drop hints on their future goals together.

Sandeep, who was born in Lambra, Jalandhar, moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2000 and just after completing his graduation, wanted to invest his time and energy on something his heart was drawn towards - music. There were initial setbacks because an artiste he signed refused to continue working with him. He says, “Instead of getting disheartened, I took it as a lesson. I had met Karan Aujla through a good friend. I knew him as a talented writer, but later when I set up Rehaan Productions in 2016, now named Rehaan Records, he was the first singer I signed because he too did not want to sign big labels.”

Growth curve

What started with the song Black Money in 2017 has grown so big now that he gets hundreds of artistes’ requests, who are willing to work under his wings, but it’s his principle now to double check before signing anyone. “After all, I would be a fool if I repeat a mistake twice. I know many believe producers’ job is easy, but, mind you, it isn’t. It is not a few months’ process; you associate with someone for years and suddenly artistes jump ships, though it is fine as long as it is done in a proper manner.”

Does he ever worry about his bond with Karan? “Karan and I are like brothers now. Our journey together ever since we met has evolved from being acquaintances to best friends.”

As far as Sandeep’s interests go, “I have always been fond of bhangra. Other than Karan, I have Vicky under my label.” Sandeep wants to shift his attention towards Punjabi movies by next year. So, will Karan Aujla be in that project? He quips, “If there’s someone, it would be Karan Aujla.”

Shooting for their upcoming track in India, Sandeep also likes to test the abilities of upcoming talent by doing a few collaborations before finally signing them.

-with files from Sheetal



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