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Inspired by Guru Gobind Singh’s Golden Pointed Arrows, Financial Aid of Rs. 1 Lakh given to Lakhbir Titu’s wife, daughters

Posted on October 20th, 2021

TARN TARAN October 20

With cooperation of Sikh Panth, financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh has been granted to the wife and three daughters of Lakhbir Titu who was killed for committing sacrilege at Singhu border.

On the occasion, Lakhbir’s brother-in-law Sukhchain Singh said, “He (Lakhbir) has been punished for what he had done”. However, he demanded that it should be investigated as to who took Titu to Singhu border.

While interacting on the occasion, he said, “Lakhbir has got the price of what he had done. If he had committed the sacrilege, he also got the punishment. The question is who he could reach Singhu border? How was he taken to the protest site by anyone? It was very good action, so that nobody can commit more sacrilege in future. The sacrilege has also pained us, if anyone desecrates our Guru. This act cannot be tolerated. If he is guilty, we stand with the Panth”.

To deliver the assistance, Sikh and social activist Gangveer Singh Rathore and Sunny Singh Khalsa visited village Ladhewal in Amritsar district on Tuesday evening.

It is worth mentioning here that Lakhbir’s wife and three daughters are also victimized by him, due to which the wife along with her daughters have been living at her parental house in this village for last five years. Her two-year old baby boy had died of illness during this period. Lakhbir met his wife and daughters only once during this period on cremation of his son.

Rathore said, “No special probe is being conducted to identify the forces behind the murder of Lakhbir in this sacrilege incident, nor any organization is raising this demand strongly”.

“However, we learnt by reading newspapers that Lakhbir’s three daughters and wife were distressed by him. During last five years, Lakhbir never paid heed to enquire in what condition his wife and children were living. His brother-in-law endorsed these news stories. His involvement in the sacrilege act has created another trouble for already distressed mother-daughters. Their life were already full of miseries. On day of cremation of Lakhbir, they did not stay at his home at village Cheema and returned to Ladhwal same day. So, they have no place at Lakhbir’s home”, he added.

The activist further said, “This is historical fact that there was gold on back side of Guru Gobind Singh’s arrow, so that family of the enemy who died with these arrows in the battlefield, could meet both ends with this gold. Taking inspiration from this teaching, Panth has collected the money and given it to the distressed family. More help will be extended in coming times. Lakhbir’s in-laws are amritdhari and daughters are needy. There is no scope of carrying bad intention toward the family”.

He made it clear that they are not encourage Lakhbir like persons who can commit sacrilege, by extending assistance to his family. “We want to help these girls because they were also victimized by Lakhbir who never fed them. However, some people are using these girls to create sympathy for Lakhbir. I would like to ask these people not to use these girls to play their politics, but help them instead. While helping them, it should not be seen whether Lakhbir was guilty or innocent. They should be helped because they are distressed by Lakhbir. Rest, our views of the incident at Singhu borders are same as that of Akal Takht acting jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh”, he elaborated.

He added that the family has thanked Panth for giving it financial aid.



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